Types of wedding cakes

In examining types of the wedding cakes, there are traditional wedding cakes, wedding cakes based on flavor, smaller cakes or individual cakes, frosted cakes, and cupcakes. The traditional wedding cakes are white color, including decoration and icing of varieties, such as butter cream, almond. etc. The wedding cakes based on flavor contain selective flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. The smaller cakes or individual cakes are efficient in terms of cheap price. The frosted cakes are popular due to a large amount of cream. Cupcakes have a variety of different forms. As this is easy to make, it is one of the most common cakes people have. In modern society, the most popular wedding cake is called “Traditional stack cake”; “this is where each layer of cake – which can be a different flavours to the next layer – is positioned directly on top of the last”.[17] The Traditional stack wedding cake is similar to the traditional cake, both are filled with fleshed flowers offers more visual impact and height. Meanwhile, cakes can be divided by traditional pillars as well, Perspex separators that can include jewels, shells, flowers and the like or can be completely separated by using traditional chrome stands. Regarding choices of taste, white cake has always been the most traditional wedding cake flavor; moreover, it is able to add flavor content between layers. Chocolate cake is also a choice for weddings. It can either be hidden under white frosting for a classic surface or combined with chocolate icing, drizzle, swirls, or chips.[18] Furthermore, fondant is a creative form of wedding cake that appeared with frosting style, when rolled out and draped over tiers, this smooth, firm sugar icing makes a steady appearance for appliques, gum-paste flowers, or royal-icing details. Fondant can be cut into designs, formed into shapes, flavored which with n the popular choice of white chocolate, or tinted. Poured fondant is used to glaze petits fours and other detailed confections, which makes fondant comes out with a glossy finish and a sweet sugary taste. In addition, there are still several kinds of cake that are popular for wedding, for instance, marble cake, lemon cake, carrot cake, curd, fresh flowers/fruit, ganache, marzipan, meringue, pastillage, and the last one, royal icing is made with sugar and egg white or meringue powder. It can be hard enough to be piped or thinned for “flood work”. Since it hardens quickly, it is ideal for making detailed shapes ahead of time. It can also be piped directly onto cake tiers and works beautifully for delicate work.Fondant (UK: /?f?nd?nt/, US: /?f?nd?nt/ or /?f?nd?nt/, from the French: /f.d/) is one of several kinds of icing-like substances used to decorate or sculpt pastries. The word, in French, means "melting", coming from the same root as "foundry" in English.Poured fondant is a creamy confection used as a filling or coating for cakes, pastries, and candies or sweets. In its simplest form, it is sugar and water cooked to the soft-ball stage, cooled slightly, and stirred or beaten until it is an opaque mass of creamy consistency. Sometimes lemon or vanilla is added to the mixture, mainly for taste. Other flavorings are used as well, as are various colorings. For example, the main filling of a Cadbury Creme Egg is poured fondant. Rolled fondant, fondant icing, or pettinice, which is not the same material as poured fondant, is commonly used to decorate wedding cakes. It includes gelatin (or agar in vegetarian recipes) and food-grade glycerine, which keeps the sugar pliable and creates a dough-like consistency. It can also be made using powdered sugar and melted marshmallows. Rolled fondant is rolled out like a pie crust and used to cover the cake.